Teaching Music, Jade Wan talks us about it

Teaching Music, Jade Wan talks us about it

Jade Wan: passion about teaching music

Jade Wan: passion about teaching music

Teaching music is important ‘cos you have the chance to share your music baggage to your students and  you have a big influence. So this week we have on board our friend Jade Wan who will talk us about her experience. If you haven’t done it yet you can read the interview of our friend James Mackey about songwriting.

So let’s start knowing her better. Jade Wan is a Classically-trained pianist who just recently dived into the world of songwriting and performing cover songs along with her original songs. She also performs with her guitar and ukulele. Her influences are mainly from artists who can play multiple instruments and write positive and empowering songs such as Jason Mraz, Sara Bareilles, and Ingrid Michaelson, just to name a few.

S: Hi Jade! What was you first contact with music?

J: I started my piano lessons at the age of 7 years old, and initially I was on-and-off with the lessons. It wasn’t until I was 10 years old, that I took it seriously. This is my long story, paraphrased:
I had piano lessons from a young age.
I was gifted a music box from my grandmother and fell in love with the tune it played.
Shortly after that, it was stolen from me by a friend who was no longer a friend anymore from that point. 
I promised myself that I’d continue to play every song I encounter until see/hear the song again. 
I quit my lessons 4 years later, but I didn’t quit playing.
In a few months time after that, I found the song. I couldn’t stop playing it. 
That was the moment I asked for lessons again, and I never turned back. I tell this story to all my piano students and hope that one day, they will have a story of their own.

S: Which is the most important thing that you have learned?

J: The most important thing I learned is to listen to my heart and follow through my actions. Whatever my dream is, what makes me happy, what makes me grow, I will go though the ups and downs until I get there. I know it takes some planning, it make take a lot of work and effort to get there, but it is achievable. That is why I am a very positive and inspirational person. I am a piano teacher (beginner guitar/ukulele/clarinet also), and I share my story to everyone. I love teaching music to kids because I love to build their minds and hearts to be as strong of a person they can be. In my life, it were my teachers and others that inspired my life. I hope to keep inspiring my students, no matter what sort of music I teach them, let it be Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Sacred music, to keep music alive in their hearts and have fun with the instruments. They help me express what I want to feel or currently feeling. I am also a music teacher I never had. I am fun, and knowledgeable, and personable. I always show them the other instruments I have and play and sing to them for a few seconds, showing to the young ones that piano isn’t my only favourite love. I also perform live and online, and I sing along with my instruments and write my own songs. I also showcase to them my videos I made with my music so that they can see the musician that I am, and not the traditional typical piano teacher, so they can have “live music” first hand more. That’s how music keeps me going.

Jade Wan: passion about teaching music

Jade Wan: passion about teaching music

S: Is there any suggestion for our friends who want to learn more?

J: I am constantly learning about people, and life, and music. Making connections and maintaining connections is my motto in life. If we are constantly living with this perspective, then great things can happen, and we grow from these experiences. Teaching music means connecting with my young students and individuals,  providing them a role model, and inspiration for life, and for the kind of music they want to learn. 

S: Which is the song that has changed your life?

J: The song that changed my life and why: Clouds – Zach Sobriech He was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma Cancer at age 12. He decided to perform with his band and write music until he died. This song received international attention from artists, and even put a video together of them performing it in front of their computers, for him to watch, and the then the wold to watch. He died shortly before turning 18, which was 3 years ago. He sang this song every time he felt down a depressed. I am a lot older than him and experienced more of life than he has. It’s a reminder for me that a beautiful soul that I never met, wrote the song, and left this world with an inspirational message in his song. He even brought the artist community together, and that is the sort of person that I am. This fuelled my inspiration to continue fulfilling and marrying my passion for performing and teaching, altogether.

S: Jade where our friends can more know about you? 

J: I have a website: www.jadewanmusic.com I do have a SoundCloud channel 🙂
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