When Liam Gallagher sings Wonderwall in front of Milan’s Duomo

When Liam Gallagher sings Wonderwall in front of Milan’s Duomo

Liam Gallagher - Foto Soundsblog
Liam Gallagher – Foto Soundsblog

Here in Milan the Fashion Week is going to start in a couple of days and this means a lot of movement in the city, people even more in rush and no taxi available (I’m not kidding). But the good side of this is in all the events that give life to the boutiques, open till late night. And what would you say about the event where Liam Gallagher sings Wonderwall in front of Milan’s Duomo?

Yeah, that was Vogue Fashion’s Night Out and it was a great moment of a free performance. Liam Gallagher sang on the balcony of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele for people in the square. The situation was very emotional: the occasion to listen to his wonderful voice (so full of rebellion as it has always been) in front of Milan’s Duomo was a rare and precious moment.  And also a very cool chance to see him singing live in Italy after canceling the show in Treviso a few weeks ago because of the bad weather.

Liam performed with 3 songs from the new album “As You Were“, the first solo album after the end of the adventure with the Beady Eye band. He opened the show with World of Glass (I love this mix of indie – 90’s rock he has created, a really cool sound) , then For What It’s Worth and Greedy Soul. The most beautiful moment of the exhibition was when he made a gift to the lucky listeners: Wonderwall. What more can I say? Everyone was simply enchanted by this great artist, one of the last true rock and roll icons. The moment was particular also because unexpected: most of Oasis songs are written by Noel Gallagher and because of their bad relationships Liam has never sung too many Oasis songs during the Beady Eye experience. A hope signal to see Oasis together again?

Let’s talk about new music now. I have to be honest with you. These days were pretty busy and also agitated so I haven’t had too much time to write some new lines or sounds. I have just played Yousician (still level 8) and written some music article. But I have made a promise to myself: to be more focused on the recording times! So I will do my best to have new material to share very soon.

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