How to play an instrument: the 5 best ways you should know

How to play an instrument: the 5 best ways you should know

How to play an instrument - Photo by M.E.Mancini
How to play an instrument – Photo by M.E.Mancini

During my holiday in Puglia (home sweet home) in August I was missing a lot my guitar! 15 days without it: never happened before since I was a kid. Usually I always find a way to play it a little bit even when I am not at home. But not this time! And I have realized how important has always been for me to play an instrument. Music is a healthy ingredient to stay focused on the positive side of things.

I was thinking how the most exciting part of this digital period is that you can do almost everything using something (app, blog, tutorial…) that already exists and teaches you how to do it.  Also the music is something so exciting to learn nowadays with all these apps and tools you may use to learn your fave songs. It’s all changed since the time you had to copy your tabs with a pen on a piece of paper!

In this post we’ll see the best 5 apps to learn to play an instrument. Or at least the most useful and familiar to me.


I think that Yousician is one of the most useful apps both for beginners and experts. It’s like playing Guitar Hero but with true reference on academic guitar skills. And it’s funny like a videogame. I have used it to work on my timing and I have to admit it has helped me a lot. You can also try the free version and you can use it for learning also piano, ukulele and bass guitar.


I’m totally in love with Coursera! One of the most important platforms to learn every kind of skills you wish to learn and get a certification. You may find a lot of courses of good Universities and Institutes such as Berklee College, the temple of academic music for musicians. There are really a lot of interesting courses available, but definetely better for expert level. You can find more on academic courses online on the Official Berklee Website.


I have never used it but I have heard about it. A visual method to learn to play famous pieces for electric and acoustic guitar. Good point: it should be really intuitive.


The most complete archive tabs you may find. There’s every kind of music on it! Useful for beginners and experts, and of a good level of tabs. You have different versions for every song so it’s easy to find the one that sounds better to you. There are also music lessons available on the website and a platform to learn to play.


Yeah, of course. Youtube has tutorials for everything, also for learning how to play an instrument or a specific song. Just write a song title and try!

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