The Vinyl TripThe Vinyl Trip is a project by Stefania Barbato through music, words and photos.

I love writing and playing guitar since I was a child. My first contact with music was with John Lennon’s songs in my parents’ car and that changed my life. After different experiences in indie pop rock bands I have created The Vinyl Trip music project in 2014. Here you can discover more about it. Meanwhile in 2016 I created the Islands in the sun with Francesco Parisi winning CSA Music Contest in Milan for songwriting.

Classic studies (yeah also latin and greek). Since 18 I have always been writing for magazines and webzines. With a master’s degree in law and post master in Digital Pr and Press Office, I have decided to focus my working experience on communication through Social Media, SEO Copywriting and Digital Marketing. I’ve been writing also for Rockit and StartupItalia! Right now I am Community Manager for a fintech project.

On this website, blog or whatever I write about music, books and creativity. Some short stories, some music and some photos. If you want to write me or collaborate:  stefania.barbato.sb(at)gmail.com

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